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We have 10 years experience in finding Luxury VILLAS and APARTMENTS located in the most important city around the World.

Minimum stay: 3 nights
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Are you sick to book wrong accommodation, maybe in a bad area, and without the services you required?

... reviews, ratings, stars and references that describe and classify the hotels or apartments are visible on numerous websites, at times, are not true or are dated and do not prove the actual quality of accommodation.

Our Italian consultants
who will carry out the research for you.We are experienced tourist operators of the major cities of the world and no one knows the cities and accommodation (hotels, apartments and villas) better than us.
We will propose, really, the best accommodation at the lowest price!

Fill out the request form at the bottom and in a few hours our Italian consultants will find for you up to 3 solutions, selected according to your requests.
Save time and money ... Let us find your perfect accommodation!

Apartments for short-medium term rental

We offers 'key in hand' self-contained accommodations to who, for business, leisure or personal reasons, needs to live in the city for short-medium terms.
Short term rentals in the most important Cities of the World, in our serviced apartments, offer both the comfort and privacy unavailable in hotel rooms at more convenient rates.

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Concierge services

Normativa casa vacanze: the ideal solution for corporate clients,travel agencies and private clients.

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